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WCFDI is the only Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles licensed Driving Under the Influence Program within Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit. Highway Safety education and driver improvement are our specialties.

Contact us for all of your health and safety education needs. Businesses can arrange for employee, driver improvement course discounts and/or on site educational services to assist with reducing insurance costs!

Providing health and safety education programs and services in West Central Florida since 1985! The only DHSMV licensed DUI Program serving Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit.

Offices and Classrooms in Marion, Lake, Citrus, Hernando and Sumter Counties. Registration by credit card.

Driver Education & Driver Improvement Courses
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  1. D.A.T.E. – Required 4 hour course for first time drivers
  2. BDI – Basic Driver Improvement (4 hour course) to remove points, satisfy DHSMV (Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles) requirements for Traffic Collision Avoidance Course
  3. IDI/ADI – Intermediate (8 hour) and Advanced (12 hour) Driver Improvement Courses for multiple offenders, court ordered traffic offenders.
  4. Tobacco411 – School approved 4 hour Tobacco course for minors receiving citations for tobacco possession.
  5. DUI/SSS – First and multiple DUI offender courses and evaluation services. Special Supervision Services (SSS) for multiple offenders seeking hardship DL reinstatement in accordance with specific statutes.
  6. Other WCFDI provides additional courses, video materials, expert training on Alcohol and Other Drug Use.

D.A.T.E. Course Information

First time drivers can complete the Florida mandated four hour DATE course On Line or in our classroom to get your Driver License.  Got a traffic ticket or do you know that your insurance company reduces premiums for completing the four hour basic driver improvement course?  We offer On Line and classroom versions of this course, as well.  Offices and classrooms are located in Marion, Lake, Citrus, Hernando and Sumter Counties.  Registration by MC/VISA available for On Line courses and by telephone (800.226.9838) for classroom registrations.  WCFDI has provided health and safety education programs for over 25 years and we are proud of the high quality services we deliver throughout the communities we serve.

– Key responsibilities – Assist first time drivers with safe driving tips and education regarding responsible choices for healthy and safe living.

– Department approved offered since January 1990. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved this course in accordance with F.S. 322.095 and its revisions since January 1990.  No other course was approved for offering in the State of Florida until 1995.